Whitworth Swimming Club

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Investing in future teachers

Over the past few weeks, Whitworth Swimming Club via Shirley Henderson (Swimming Teacher) has been taking our new volunteers through their Level 1 STA swimming teachers course. It combines a mixture of class room based theory around swimming, stroke development, safety and teaching as well as the practical elements of teaching swimming classes to a range of abilities and ages from 5 upwards. The theorhetical element of the programme develops teachers to assess strokes and implement teaching practices to improve stroke development, whilst enhancing physical fitness, confidence in the water and also elements of fun and learning.


The new teachers are all set to qualify in December 2010 after completing a number of rigorous exam papers and essays and practical assessments in the pool to check on their skill, knowledge and competencies. In addition, they will also undertake the NARS pool side life saving rescue award as part of the programme. The new teachers will start in January 2011 and add some new faces to the current volunteer Swimming Teachers team. The club wishes them well in this new endeavour and looks forward to developing them further over the next 6 to 12 months.


The club would also like to wish Shirley Henderson a big thank you for all her hard work as a volunteer with the club over the last 20 years. Shirley retires from the club at Christmas and will be extremely missed by all her colleagues and we wish her well.

If you would like to volunteer as a teaching assistant or swimming teacher if qualified then please contact the club. All the teachers are volunteers and give up the time to run and manage the club via the Swimming Club Committee who organise the gala, Christmas party, Kandel exchange, distance nights, fun sessions and contrinute to all the management functions of running a club.